«Discovering the competitive landscape is the only way to identify new business opportunities in advance and to improve the roads already taken».

Market status, benchmark, performance, operations e trend

The data helps to understand how things are, enlighten many aspects of our lives, the economy of the world. But the data does not speak for itself. They need to be interpreted. A job that requires attention and patience. Technological innovation has provided new and extraordinary tools to process and systematize the infinite amount of data and information available. And put them in the right hands. Your.

For product marketing, strategic banking and financial marketing OF prepares market status, benchmark, performance, operations and trends. And it has developed two platforms: the Banking Products Database active since 2008 and the Big Data OFPowerView Analytics ™ platform. Easy to use yourself. Or with the support of the OF researchers / analysts team.

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The language of finance

The deep knowledge of the banking and financial market and of the Customer is at the basis of the analysis of the language and of the real communication needs of a bank or financial company. OF offers, together with the traditional activities of monitoring and survey of the markets, those of a communication and promotion agency with proprietary sites , a daily press review and an editorial board that also manages related social activities.

We identify stories, strategic media and develop the necessary tools, from projects and editorial content on paper, web and video of the Customer, or third parties. Taking care of distribution on all channels, including social networks.

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Vertical surveys on the retail, private and wealth markets

A mix of data and information - «data blending» - from different sources enrich the analysis of OF. Report information is extracted from the Banking Products Database and can be used for personalized newsletters and magazines. OF realizes vertical surveys on different segments of the market from retail to private and wealth; from SMEs to corporate.

Discovering reality, photographing it and analyzing it where it is, in the middle of the people is the work of the OF analysts. Organized also with Focus Groups that arise from the Community experience that OF has been running since 2001. On the whole national territory.

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Inquire about the competition

The periodic reports of the La Bussola series have been designed to make it simple but also pleasant to learn about the competition. Each issue contains a trend and an infographic that highlights the most active banks and markets during the reporting period. Discovering the competitive landscape and better evaluating one's own offer compared to that of competitors are the two activities that the DBPB of OF makes extremely easy and immediate.

Analyzing more than 1000 products and services, promotions, campaigns and loyalty initiatives of our own and competitors is the daily work with continuous updates of the OF Team working on the DBPB. The reports extracted from the DBPB for their own internal analyzes and to improve the Marketing and Communication activities can be customized to meet every customer's need. Personalization can involve both content, with targeted editions, and the support on which the report is provided, print, web, word.

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The original methodology of OF is the native internet: since 2001 we compare the services and innovation of the home banking services to which were added also those of mobile banking and social networks. Banking and financial products have been added to these services and since 2016 also the financial statements. We are working on the DB of insurance products.


OF was born from the needs of people's knowledge. The requests in 2001 were these: is e-banking secure? Can you trust the bank on the web? The first model of analysis of OF's home banking services is still valid today. But we have gone a long way over the years.


APRIL 2000. The first of two volumes WWW.Address Book for Oscar Mondadori is published, 1 million copies sold at newsstands, conceived by Vito Di Dario and created together with its editorial staff and the Aiutoooo.com (helpooo.com) community founded a year before.

The audience wants to know the opportunities of the Internet and then insistently the new way to use the bank through the Web. The collaboration begins with a fixed column in the weekly Mondadori Panorama Web dedicated to home banking and innovation on the web.

Born Of Best Online Banking

APRIL 2001.In collaboration with La Sapienza University of Rome, OF launches a model for comparing home banking services is still valid today. Wins the first e-Family ranking of BNL. The news has a good recovery in the media. The first website is published and OF creates permanent focus groups that analyze, test and compare banking products and services.


Following the success of the home banking comparison model, OF's analysts develop models of analysis and comparison of retail banking products: mortgages, current accounts, deposits, loans and savings. The traditional method with excel sheets and documents is overcome thanks to the creation of a Microsoft SQL database: DBPB (Banking Products DataBase).

To make the data visible from the DBPB, we draw vertical portals with a suffix @confronto: mutuiaconfronto.com, conticorrentiaconfronto.com, contiaconfronto.com, bancheaconfronto.com, prestitiaconfronto.com etc.

Blog & Tv

The portals are flanked by forums, such as Virgolette, and by Blog as blog.mutuiaconfronto.com that gives notoriety to Francesca Tedeschi who signs it since 2003. Francesca is invited in various television programs, including RAI UnoMattina, to talk about mortgages.


Personal media finance is still considered the news cinderella. To make a strong impact on the results of its analysis and in-depth analysis, OF invests in an online publishing project: "The News of OF, OFNews.it". And with a news aggregator, a daily press review that monitors over 100 Italian and foreign news portals sent by email, OFNews.tv.

OFE is launched, Osservatorio Finanza Etica, with a proprietary database that manages to create a lot of attention in the public.

Contribution to online security

OF collaborates with the Milan Public Prosecutor's office which is dealing with online security. The analyzes of OF are included in the volume "Phishing and theft of digital identity. IT inquiries and banking security "(Francesco CAJANI, Gerardo COSTABILE and Giuseppe MAZZARACO), Giuffrè, 2008, Italian only.


The B2B activity begins in 2010 with the annual subscription offer of the DBPB, the Banking Products Database, the spreadsheet platform joined in one easy to customize page and enriched by a proprietary search engine and a calendar of the promotion and events.

The result from the information point of view is optimal, but the customer asks for something easier and more portable. The model of report-magazine, also paper-based in color of the La Bussola series, was born.

OF B2B's success

The B2B cloud portal www.cloud.it is launched, where subscribers download the reports in different formats (PDF, Word and so on) with just a few clicks and access directly to the DBPB.


OF is preparing for EXPO 2015 with a new news portal dedicated to Travel & Denari www.oftravel.it on a responsive platform that favors images, videos, interactive maps, Street View and so on. OFTravel.it will be one of the sites selected by Intesa Sanpaolo for the EXPO 2015 campaign. The news are flanked by prepaid and credit card rankings extracted from the DBPB.


At the end of 2014, OF opens another news portal on the same lines as the previous one, Case & Denari www.ofhome.it dedicated to real estate, mortgages and home furnishing that supports the activity of content providers also towards third-party portals like that of UniCredit Subito Casa.
OfTravel & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; OfHome


In the annus horribilis for the Italian banking market, thinking of the European Banking 2020 project, OF is completely reorganized: the team of analysts and journalists and editors is strengthened by a new staff of engineers with specialization in statistical and financial analysis.

OFPowerView is the basis for the creation of new models of analysis including the European Financial Index, the super index of European banks of which OF has developed to date the part relating to banking groups operating in Italy, Italian Bank Index which will be launched in 2017. The model of territorial wealth index is also under development


  • 77 monitored banks
  • 216 mortgages
  • 122 current accounts
  • 54.000 balance sheet data of 21 banking groups


This is the year of the IBR (Italian Banks Ranking) banking index which is the basis of the event OFMiglior Banca 2017 . 24 Banking groups are analyzed and compared with 7 sub-indices and over 500 observation points, giving rise to product rankings (accounts, mortgages, cards, etc.) and balance sheets. The only index that follows a rigorous qualitative methodology (products / services) and quantitative method (budgets).

Evento OFMiglior Banca

On 17 May 2017, OF organizes an evening at Copernico 38 to present Italian Banks Ranking and reward the best banks. Best Bank is Intesa Sanpaolo. CEO Carlo Messina uses the award in the customer communications , to international investors and to the foreign press (open a PDF) .


It is the year that prepares the advent of the Europe of Banks with the launch of the European Banks Ranking, and the OF Best European Bank award . In addition, new reports have been launched: La Bussola Prestiti from the Closer Observatory Loans and La Bussola Assicurazioni . & Egrave; started the work to prepare and launch the DB Insurance Products in 2019.

  • Best Bank of the Year: Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Best Territorial Bank: Crédit Agricole
  • Best European Bank: Crédit Agricole
  • Best balance sheet: Mediobanca
  • Best current account: UniCredit
  • Best low-cost account: Fineco Bank-UniCredit
  • Best mortgage (fixed rate): Crédit Agricole
  • Best mortgage (variable rate): Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Best account card: Sella
  • Best prepaid card: BBPM
  • Best credit card: UBI Banca
  • Best Home Banking: Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Best Mobile Banking: Intesa Sanpaolo


You can fix a meeting at Copernico 38, Milan, the smart working leader in Italy where we have our workplace. The registered office is still in Milan, via Freguglia, 10.